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Don’t Give Up On Your Creative Challenges


NaNoWriMo is almost upon us, and Inktober is currently upon us. If you’ve ever had trouble succeeding at a self-imposed challenge, perhaps this article can serve as an inspiration (a bit more stern than usual, but still with the best intentions! Creativity, after all, is incredibly important).

Click here (or on the image) to read the article and hopefully prepare you for the coming months of insane productivity!

Now go write.

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How To Handle Misinterpretation


Ever had somebody read a piece you wrote and then say something TOTALLY off-kilter about it?

You’ve been misinterpreted.

It happens to all writers at some point or another. This week’s article is about how you can change your thinking to better deal with situations like this. Click here (or on the image) for what I hope is some helpful advice.

And after you’re done, go do some writing! Practice makes progress.

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Stop Saying You’re Not Creative


As usual, this started out inspirational, became a rant, and then turned inspirational again (I hope).

I’ve had way too many people tell me they don’t possess any creativity, and I always want to slap them upside the head before I tell them this. Click here (or on the image) to read why people should STOP saying they’re not creative.

And that goes for you too, fellow writer, new or otherwise.

Now go write something!

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Please Use Intelligent Humor


Here’s one thing I absolutely cannot stand:

crass humor.

It’s cheap, overused, boring, and lazy. Writers should consider themselves above this sort of thing. And it goes deeper than simple annoyance – it says a whole lot about how you view your readers.

Click here  (or on the image) to read the full rant, and then tell me whether or not you agree. What’s your view of writer integrity?

And then go write! (While using intelligent humor).

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Website Re-Launch!

Feathers and Ink

Notice anything new?

I’ve changed the design, layout, and much of the content of The Feather Pen! It’s all still pretty new, and more changes may be coming soon in the future, but please feel free to marvel/laugh/ooh-ahh at the new stuff I’ve introduced to the site.


I now have three tabs:

Home (that’s here)

About (info about the weirdo who runs this site)

Object and Objective

I’m SUPER excited about this last one. Check out the tab for more information on this ORIGINAL FICTION project that is soon to come!


I would also like to thank all my recent followers:

A lot of you popped up overnight and I’d like to send a warm welcome (and some warm digital chocolate-chip cookies) your way. The Feather Pen is a blog about how to survive the writing life, and thanks to you guys, I now know we’re all in the same–or at least a similar–boat. Let’s support each other by discussing how to get through our days in this bizarre life we’ve chosen. I mean really. Writing? We’re such an odd bunch.

So yes: thank you!


Once you’re done checking stuff out, there’s just one more thing I’d like you to do…



I got a writing job!

Photo credit: Daria Nepriakhina

Well, it finally happened. After all that passionate shouting into the void about how I would refuse to let my Communications-Writing degree go to waste, I got a job as a Teaching Assistant in the English department of a wonderful school. I couldn’t be more excited after such a smooth interview and a great first impression of the place.

Hopefully this serves as inspiration to you. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’ve been freelance writing since February and working an office position at a summer camp for the last few months. It’s been fulfilling to keep writing, but not having a full-time job made me nervous (of course it did – student loans are mega, dude).

So: writers can succeed. Just because we may have invested a lot of money into a degree doesn’t mean we have to be “starving artists” in a world that frowns on the arts as a career. Embrace everything about who you are as a writer. You will never regret staying true to your passions.

Now you should probably stop reading this and go write something. Have fun!

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Don’t Write Alone

Startup Stock Photos

If you don’t have at least one writing friend, mayhaps you should find one. As a writer who’s fallen back on my friends’ support many times over the years, I can think of no better way to get through a tough literary time. Form a relationship, create a writing group, take over a small town. Use it all to become a better writer.

Click here (or on the image) to explore some of the benefits of having friends who share your writing passion.

Now go write!