The Writer’s Brain: Editing


As if you need more proof… here’s evidence that editing a novel drives writers absolutely nuts. (At least, it does to me).

Click here (or on the image) to see some of what I hope are hilarious screenshots illustrating the labyrinth of my writer’s brain. Organized? Scattered to the four winds? I dunno. It works for me, at least.

What are some of your specific writer/editing quirks? Are you like me, with a bazillion folders and sub-folders? Do you rely on outlines? Do you never edit at all?

After you finish reading, go forth and write!

5 Tips for Rebuilding a Writing Habit

Boy did I need to read this! After a hellish round of Camp NaNoWriMo drained my creative will dry, it’s been hard doing anything remotely writerly aside from freelancing. What about you guys? (Also check out Writer’s Block Party – they’re amazing and a HUGE source of inspiration!)

Writer's Block Party

This year, for the first time since graduating from college, I took a substantial amount of time off from writing. I don’t just mean a week or two after finishing a round of revisions. I don’t mean a month where I gently tinkered with side-projects. I mean a full-blown 4 months where I wrote ZERO new words.

After a long break like that, getting back into the groove of writing was…difficult. And I’m sure if you’ve ever taken a long break from writing, you’ve experienced the same thing. Feeling like you’ve forgotten how words work. Feeling like sitting down in front of the keyboard is some kind of strange torture you’ve decided to inflict on yourself. Feeling like there is no longer enough time in each day–seriously, where is all the time going?

But I am here to tell you that yes, it is difficult, and yes, it can be…

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Dream Big, But Dream Smart


So I’ve got a writing degree. You might think “boy does she have it coming.”

I say ‘eh’.

My life’s dream is to pursue writing with every ounce of my energy and determination, and thus no matter what, I’ll always be happy with my choices. Especially since this is what I was meant to do.

Click here (or on the image) to read about why you should absolutely dream big (dream HUGE, friends!), but pursue that dream with brains. It’s all worth it, no matter what steps you take.

Why Freelancing Is Strange For A Fiction Writer


So cranking out articles for Odyssey has been harder than usual lately because, wouldn’t you know it, I’ve been making actual money off writing through other sites, and that takes time. But I figured, if I’m going to stick with Odyssey at least for now, I might as well vocalize some of the weird *whisper* emotions I’ve been getting as a result.

That being said, I’ve got it bad for fiction. I’ve never been in love with a person, but if it’s anything like being in love with writing then I can understand why humans go utterly bonkers for it. Taking my skills (and degree) to another spectrum has left me feeling a bit misplaced.

What about you? Where does your love for writing lie? How do you deal with the *whisper* emotions?

Okay, cool. If you’ve answered the question, you should go WRITE!

Betray Your Novel


“As I sit here, staring at the third official draft of my novel, which I am about to rewrite completely for a second time, I begin to wonder how long I have to wait until the bad stuff is finally out of the way, or if it would be wiser to simply abandon the book now and start work on a novel with more promise.”

This week we’re talking about B E T R A Y A L. How to go against yourself, break all your own promises, and still come out with a good story on the top. Editing is so cutthroat for me these days.

Click here (or on the image) to read my article on betraying your novel, and why this can be a good thing.

Thank you for reading!

Now go write.

So You’re Revising A Project For Camp NaNoWriMo…


Oh so few of us know all the struggles of really, truly doing battle with a writing project for the sake of editing/revision.

Click here (or on the image) to either sympathize with a writer trying to revise her novel for this Camp NaNoWriMo July 2017, or simply laugh at her pain. We’re all writers here. We know how funny pain can be.

Thank you for reading!